Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grab Me

This is purely an obligation blog, on account that i haven't touched this thing in a while... so expected of me, on account that every time i start blogging, in a month im over it again. (sorry if i confused you with the "on accounts", im not even sure if this makes sense.)

...any who.

Here are some things that have been grabbing me, putting me in a drink mixer, shaking me up, then pouring me into a fancy cup.

  • TIGERBITCH - I met this dude named Grant about a year ago. He is amazing. Along with his music. so check this out;

you can actually download his album for free. the directions are on his myspace. all the songs are amazing, but one of my favorites is "popsiclecell". check it.

  • My Morning Jacket and there album "Z"
    ...and the Monsters Of Folk record. Especially the first song.
  • My new MacBook Pro
  • This ring i found in my garage. i think it belong to who ever lived in this house before me... whos ever it was, its mine now.

...okay this blog post blows. ill catch ya later.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yes Please

I usually hate music videos. Its really hard for me to find a music video that i actually want to watch all the way through. They are usually just boring and not that cool, and i can be doing something else while listening to the song... music videos stop me from multitasking.


Every now and then I come across a video that absolutely blows my mind. Its never really the video that blows my mind, but usually the amount of effort that goes into making the video.

With that said... finally Coldplay did something that makes them look like a real band again, instead of Chris Martin just making an ass of himself. Check it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lets Make A Day Of It!

Childhood activites that you can do as an adult are ALWAYS awesome. The other night Dani and I, for some reason or another, were talking about popsicles, and our love for them. From that conversation came a conversation about making your own popsicles, and how awesome it would be. Sure enough, Dani being the coolest person ever, opens her fridge, and i come to find literally an ARMY of popsicle makers. Awesome? yes... take a look

First off, what was our weapon of choice?
Naked Juice, Sobe, and Orange Juice
The orange juice(Dani's choice) is always a good call. The naked juice was me, and i have no clue why i went with it. The sobe... dont ask, it was pink, and was worth a shot.

Second off, the pour. (i love this picture)
So as of now we're looking at two popsicles of each.

Third Off, take awesome pictures, then through it in the freezer and wait a day

Fourth Off, ENJOY
...I dont know about you, but when i look at this picture, i want a popsicle

The OJ popsicle was awesome, as expected. The naked juice tasted like pure chalk(dont ask... just chalk... chalk), and neither of us ventured out to try the gross looking sobe pink one. So its still just chillin the freezer, waiting for some love.

A few things before i end this post;
1. Because of this post i've learned that English people call popsicles "Ice Lolly", which is sooo much cooler than "popsicle"
2. I know my pictures are horrible, you dont have to tell me
& 3. For some reason my computer tells me that "popsicle" is miss spelled unless the first "p" is a capital. Weird huh?

Monday, July 6, 2009

If Theres One Thing I Can Do...

...This Summer...


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Making A Come Back

I've found that I have lost a lot of my train of thought, and i must gain it back. I thought if i started blogging again it would help. So, yes, I am making a come back!

Except this time, Im not going to post things that are just me complaining about everything and anything. Im just gonna post things that i like, or like to think about, or am thinking about.


Today i heard about this artist named "Blu" and He is absolutely out of his mind. Check this out!