Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grab Me

This is purely an obligation blog, on account that i haven't touched this thing in a while... so expected of me, on account that every time i start blogging, in a month im over it again. (sorry if i confused you with the "on accounts", im not even sure if this makes sense.)

...any who.

Here are some things that have been grabbing me, putting me in a drink mixer, shaking me up, then pouring me into a fancy cup.

  • TIGERBITCH - I met this dude named Grant about a year ago. He is amazing. Along with his music. so check this out;

you can actually download his album for free. the directions are on his myspace. all the songs are amazing, but one of my favorites is "popsiclecell". check it.

  • My Morning Jacket and there album "Z"
    ...and the Monsters Of Folk record. Especially the first song.
  • My new MacBook Pro
  • This ring i found in my garage. i think it belong to who ever lived in this house before me... whos ever it was, its mine now.

...okay this blog post blows. ill catch ya later.

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